Allan Dale

About Allan Dale

Allan Dale learned early in his naval career that trust had to be earned. The journey that shaped his leadership skills and the people’s trust began on a cold Halifax morning in 1985. After completing two years of intense training, Allan, as a junior officer, was assigned to Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship ATHABASKAN.

Little did Allan know that this would be the beginning of a 30-year service to Canadians that saw Allan assume greater and complex responsibilities in the navy. Throughout his naval service, Allan thrived and earned the trust and respect of his colleagues. It is those attributes that helped shape Allan be the leader he is today.

Allan continued to hone his leadership skills by venturing into new and challenging opportunities. Allan’s most recent success has been the rapid development of a first-class program at the University of Prince Edward Island’s School of Sustainable Design Engineering. 

Prince Edward Island is recognized around the world as a leader in many disciplines. Allan’s principle of service-before-self and strong leadership skills will further advance the island’s agenda and at the same time, explore new and creative opportunities for the future.

Allan Dale will work hard to earn the trust of Islanders by demonstrating his integrity and leadership required to be Premier. Allan is fully committed to making PEI a place that honours its history and past, understands and deals with the challenges of today and looks beyond the horizon to forge a new destiny.

“I am excited and ready to bring the same sense of duty and service-before-self to the greatest responsibility any Islander can hold; Premier of our great Province.”